CJ Recht Rough Stone Rings: Green Aquamarine, Citrine, Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz

Here’s your chance to own another amazing CJ Recht ring, but you need to order now, because each one is one of a kind. From left to right they are Rose Quartz, Green Aquamarine, Citrine and Rock Crystal. Mindy cuts all of these stones herself, so you can have virtually any stone in any shape and size you want. Really! Each of the rings shown in this shot is special, but the citrine almost has a cat’s eye. The CJ Recht Rough Stone Rings can be ordered in sterling or bronze. Write for availability – and for pictures of the other ones I have. The Rose Quartz is 370, the Green Aquamarine is 385, the Citrine is 390 and the Rock Crystal is 305. And we have other rough stones too – or can get whatever your heart desires in an instant. Just ask!!