CJ Recht Tiny Moonscape Dangle Earrings: Sterling Silver and Bronze Twosome

This is a universally flattering earring: it looks good on absolutely everyone!! Really it does. Two little CJ Recht Moonscapes come together to form a simple but striking earring. One sterling silver dot and one golden bronze dot dangle from a sterling silver french hook. The combination of metals means you can wear them with gold or silver without a moment’s hesitation. And comfortable enough to wear every day, these earrings are $100. These are also available with two silver Moonscapes or two bronze Moonscapes for the monochromatic among us. Also available with one silver or bronze Moonscape and one blackened Moonscape. And for those who like a longer earring, you can get them with 3 tiny Moonscapes in all of the color combinations for 130.